Mr. Paul Braisby

Co-opted & Chair of Finance



My primary education was not a success; at nine years old I was two and a half years backward. I was a SEN case, though my parents were unaware of it. When they found out they gave me lots of support. I caught up and went on to earn two degrees and six other qualifications; SEN children can make good with parental support! I worked in engineering and then in management consultancy. This gave me broad experience and I have worked with many small businesses of similar size to the school. I also had a spell in education when I was seconded for eight months as acting director of a Montessori teacher training college.

More recently I spent a lot of time as a carer to my father when he developed Alzheimer’s disease. After he died I retired early to concentrate on community activities. About eight years ago I became a voluntary assistant in Class 2 for half a day per week. Later, I was invited to be a governor. I was first made Chair of the Finance Committee and has served as Chair of Governors.