Maths Games

Maths Games

CurriculumOur curriculum is planned around themes to ensure the maximum engagement of pupils.  This also facilitates the development of the children’s social skills, as the older children encourage and share with the younger ones. Subjects that do not fit into the theme are taught separately to ensure the children do not miss out on any area. Exciting and interactive approaches such as making use of drama (Mantle of the Expert), using new technologies and problem solving techniques encourage our children to be independent and to develop socially as well as academically. Our curriculum is enriched by early morning Enrichment Activities including recorder lessons, singing, typing, cup-stacking, thinking skills, parachute games and dance. Children learn French in Key stage 2. We offer individual music lessons in piano, violin and guitar. The range of after school clubs we offer changes termly according to the season.

To enable children in mixed age classes to learn together our topics in Class 1 roll over two years and those in Classes 2 and 3 roll over four years. In Reception children follow a different curriculum (the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum) but the subject matter of this is linked to the class 1 topic. Except for history based topics, the topics are usually based on books and may therefore be given different titles each time they are visited.

At Ford End School we are committed to developing the whole child. We produce children who are responsible, well rounded members of society. Therefore our curriculum is based on incorporating those things that our children need to understand in a twenty first century world including British values : understanding things that challenge them; enriching their lives with the arts, culture and sport; subjects that fascinate children; topics that children love to learn about and are exciting and challenging.

In September 2014 a new National Curriculum came into force for children from Year 1 upwards. This specifies what must be covered in each year group or phase for English, Mathematics and Science and what must be covered during each Key Stage for the other subjects.  At Ford End School, because we have mixed age classes, we have designed our curriculum as a rolling programme of topics. In Class 1 the topics rotate over two years and in Classes 2 and 3 they rotate over four years. We have ensured that all aspects of the National Curriculum for each Key Stage will be covered across that Key Stage as well as covering the areas listed above. The distribution of objectives across the year groups can be found on the accompanying overview documents which are also used by the teachers as part of their medium term plans. (Please note that some areas of the curriculum are covered twice during the rolling programme but they have been highlighted on the overview documents only once. At Key Stage 1 art and music are covered each term with the teacher taking responsibility to ensure progression. PE has a separate rolling programme.)

Children in the Early Years (reception class) have a separate curriculum but the activities are mainly based around the class 1 topic each term.

The topics are as follows:

Class 1






All About Me

Roots, Shoots and Fruits


At the Vets


Around the World in 68 days


Classes 2 & 3





Year A



Romans Rule & Greek Geeks

Water World


Year B

The Story of Chocolate

Who on Earth?

What on Earth?


Year C


Seven Wonders



Year D




Food Glorious Food


More detailed information about what is covered when is contained in the curriculum coverage documents to be found on the links that follow.


Please note that many of the objectives will be covered more than once but we have only highlighted each objective once. At Key stage 1 the Objectives for Art, Music will be covered each term.  PE has its own rolling programme of activities covered as does RE.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum please refer to the termly class newsletters or talk to the teacher concerned.


We consider that reading is at the very heart of a child’s learning. We want every child to become a confident reader who develops a love of reading which will carry them through life long after they have left Ford End School.

We teach reading using a variety of methods and use books from a number of different reading schemes and real books which have been carefully selected by the Schools’ Library Service.These are then levelled into coloured bands according to their National Curriculum levels. We teach phonics using the framework in Letters and Sounds and use resources from a number of paper and electronic schemes.

Reading has a high profile throughout the school. In order to ensure that parents new to the school understand our approach to reading and are aware of how we teach phonics we offer an annual Reading Workshop for parents. It is expected that every child reads to or with an adult at home every day.

We have a well-stocked library and change the books regularly with those from the County Library via the Bookbus scheme. We hold regular book fairs to encourage parents to buy their children books and also increase our book stock.

Each class has a dedicated reading area and has a class novel which is read on most days to encourage an enjoyment of stories. Each teacher makes use of a large range of reading activities throughout the week. These include individual reading and guided group reading but other approaches are just as important for children to become effective readers.


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